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Aims were to: (1) assess the validity and reliability of the NCAT across nursing staff in a single type of clinical setting – LTC facilities, and (2) present a refined theoretical model of the interaction of culture and practice implementation.A cross-sectional, exploratory investigation of the NCAT in LTC settings was conducted.A summary of the NCAT development and report on its psychometric properties when administered in LTC settings is provided, extending previous findings of the NCAT's enhanced stability when used in assessing nursing staff perceptions in LTC and by demonstrating that the NCAT is a reliable and valid psychometric screening tool for nursing culture.This guide is designed for staff and students interested in locating a range of tests, survey instruments, questionnaires, assessments, measures and scales across the psychological, educational, social sciences and medical fields.Apply to SRU subscriptions at the address above, or email [email protected] Dr Edwin van Teijlingen is a medical sociologist and Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the Department of Public Health, University of Aberdeen.

The term pilot study is used in two different ways in social science research.

The results were arranged into 12 different sequences and prepared on a CD using Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Data were analysed using Cronbach's α, Guttman split-half reliability and factor analysis. Internal consistency was good, with a Cronbach's α of 0·93 in Part I and a KR-20 (Kuder Richardson) of 0·85 in Part II.

Use the tabs to locate resources online, to find critiques, for help using databases, to design your own survey or test instrument, and to see further links.

Generally, commercially available tests and survey instruments must be purchased from publishers.

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