Updating your us passport

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You must advise us of a change of passport details if you currently hold a visa, as your visa is associated with your passport.It is important you notify us of any changes to your address or passport details as soon as possible.You've booked the cheap flights, found the perfect hotel, but you've just remembered your passport is expiring soon. Here's everything you need to know about passport renewal, from where your passport office is, to how to apply for a passport online.It takes three weeks to renew or replace your passport, unless you have expedited your passport, so you'll need to allow plenty of time before your trip (bad news if you've been eyeing a last-minute trip on the cheap).If you are notifying us of a new name on your passport, you should provide official evidence of the name change, for example certified copies of the name change certificate or marriage certificate.It is recommended you also provide a certified copy of the Bio-data page of both the previous passport and your new passport or an endorsement in the current passport with the new name as the principal name.

Read more within our child passport application procedures. Both parents or legal guardians consent is required for minors under age 16. A United States passport is an internationally recognized travel document attesting to the identity and nationality of the bearer.

Find a passport office or a receiving agent (Service Canada or Canada Post) closest to you.

Note: Canada Post charges an extra fee plus applicable taxes.

You must notify us of a change in address if you have an undecided application for a visa with us and you intend to change your residential address for 14 days or more.

You should advise us of a change of address while you hold a visa to assist us to contact you if required.

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