10 most intimidating venues in the world

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No need to worry, this article is completely safe-for-work.

No photos of an embarrassing uncle who is all too comfortable in his own skin either (although you may want to send him this link once done reading).

Consider the slide that cascades down a replica of a Mayan temple at the Atlantis resort or Beijing’s colorful Ride House, with its corkscrews, climb nets, and other quirky design elements.

It’s an acrophobe’s nightmare—and could be the most thrilling moment of your next cruise vacation. From within the raft ride’s clear acrylic aerial flume (which extends 12 feet over the side of the ship), you’ll experience that heady ocean view.

It takes pluck to stare down the Aqua Duck and the rest of the world’s craziest, record-breaking waterslides.

Some, like Brazil’s 135-foot-high Insano, are traditional body slides, while others resemble intricate roller coasters and showcase innovation in waterslide technology and design.

He was succeeded by Shy Huntington, one of the heroes of the 1917 Rose Bowl.

Playing at newly constructed Hayward Field, which would be their home stadium in Eugene until 1967, the Webfoots again tied Washington for the Pacific Coast Conference title in 1919, winning the tiebreaker based on their 24–13 victory over the Huskies in Seattle.

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